As is the case with most insects, people want to know how to get rid of bed bugs fast. Whether you’ve seen one in your home, on your luggage or hiding in personal belongings, your first reaction is likely to try figuring out what kills bed bugs fast. The good news is there’s lots of information including products and tips for elimination. The bad news is that anything other than professional pest control is likely to be ineffective.

get rid of bed bugs fast

Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to remove, with DIY methods often falling short and even making matters worse. These pests feed and reproduce constantly, and their small, flat size makes it possible for them to hide anywhere from cracks in the wall to joints in a drawer. Terminix® bed bug specialists are experts in killing and removing bed bugs fast. Putting the process in their hands means you can feel confident knowing the problem has been properly identified and eliminated. There are, however, steps you can take to help speed up the removal process and potentially help cut down on costs.

1. Reduce Hiding Spots and Cut Down on Clutter

Consider getting rid of anything unneeded such as old magazines and newspapers. It’s difficult to inspect a cluttered home, and the more items you can eliminate, the less places bed bugs can hide. If you’re wondering what bed bugs are attracted to, other than warmth, blood and carbon dioxide, dark crevices also get their attention.

Bed bugs can hide in cardboard, so if you need the storage, plastic bins are less likely to foster infestations.

Pick clothing and accessories off the floor. If possible, throw away or donate items you no longer need, taking care to ensure it’s all free of bed bugs.

2. Clean the Infested Space

How to get rid of bed bugs fast starts with how thoroughly pest control professionals can inspect your space. Clean furniture, baseboards, behind outlets, switch covers and other items to give them a head start.

Wash and dry clothing and bedding at the highest heat as allowed by the manufacturer. Place items in sealed plastic bags for transport between rooms, and then seal clean items again in new plastic bags.

If possible, remove and clean fabric window coverings and hardware. Placed in sealed plastic bags.

Wash and vacuum floors thoroughly. When finished, double-bag the vacuum bag in a trash bag and place in outdoor bin.

3. Make it Hard for Bed Bugs to Hide

Check baseboards for any cracks or crevices and caulk as needed.

Ensure wallpaper is not loose and repair any wall damage.

Check outlets and wall switches for bed bug evidence.

4. Be Mindful of Your Bed

Make your bed an island to help get rid of bed bugs fast by moving it at least six inches away from the wall.

Wash and dry all bed linens including pillow cases, sheets, comforters and mattress pads at the highest settings allowed by the manufacturer. Seal in plastic bags once clean.

Post-treatment, use encasements (bed-bug-proof covers) to cover your mattress and box spring. Ensure they have zippers and are high quality to cut down on tearing.

Check under your bed and discard anything unneeded. Items you want to keep should be stored in the same room to prevent the infestation from spreading.

5. Give the Experts Access

What kills bed bugs fast? Pest control professionals. Give them your full cooperation and make sure they have access to closets, walls and areas around furniture.

Don’t wait for the problem to get out of hand. To get rid of bed bugs fast, you need a trained professional to identify the pests and find signs of infestation quickly. Contact Terminix® for powerful, customized treatments that can help eliminate bed bugs where they live and breed.