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What is the most effective bed bug control?

Bed bug infestations can come in all different shapes and sizes and can require different methods to control. Terminix bed bug control begins with a thorough inspection of your home. Our professionals are trained to spot the signs of bed bugs and find where they’re hiding. Based on what your Terminix professional finds, Terminix will recommend a customized solution to best fit your needs, using multiple techniques to solve and eliminate your bed bug problem.

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What are some common signs of bed bugs?

Because bed bugs are generally nocturnal and come out to feed when you’re resting, seeing actual bed bugs isn’t the most reliable way to tell if you have an infestation. Bed bug bites are another sign of bed bugs, however not every person reacts to them. Some tell-tale signs of bed bugs include shed bed bug skins, bed bug eggs, fecal spots on your mattress and bedding, and bloodstains on your sheets and pajamas. If you spot any of these bed bug signs, you should contact Terminix immediately for a FREE bed bug inspection.

Can you DIY bed bug control?

Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to remove and control. Not only are they good at staying hidden, but infestations can grow very quickly. You need to know where the bed bugs are hiding to properly remove them, and failed attempts to do so may result in the infestation growing worse. Terminix professionals are trained to inspect for and find bed bugs and know the proper solutions to use to get rid of them.

Bedroom without infestation markers. Bedroom without infestation markers.

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Bedroom without infestation markers. Bedroom with infestation markers.

How bed bug control works:


Thorough bed bug inspection

One of our friendly technicians will inspect your home for signs of bed bugs, and find where bed bugs may be hiding.


Keep your bed

There's no need to remove your bed, and our mattress encasements preserve your bed long after bed bugs are gone.

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Install bed bug intercept devices

Your Terminix professional will install monitoring devices that quickly detect any new bed bug activity.

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Follow-up bed bug inspections

Terminix will conduct a follow-up inspection to ensure peace of mind that the bed bugs are gone.

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