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Attic insulation service

Trouble-free installation of insulation in your attic can help lower your winter heating and summer cooling energy bills.1

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Get a rebate up to $500 when you insulate your home

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 reinstated the 25C tax credit for insulation and air sealing through 2022. Through the end of 2022 (12/31/22), homeowners may be eligible for a federal tax credit up to $500 or 10% of their purchase of insulation to their main home, whichever is lower.

The legislation also increases the 25C tax credit and makes it valid from January 1, 2023 through December 31, 2032. Taxpaying homeowners can receive a federal tax credit up to 30% of their purchase, up to $1200. A tax credit reduces tax owed, dollar for dollar. In addition, the $500 lifetime limit will be replaced by a $1,200 annual limit on the credit amount (the lifetime limit on windows will go away, too). So, if you spread out your qualifying home projects, you can claim the maximum credit each year.

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We know attic insulation

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    More comfort for you

    Attic insulation degrades over time, increasing the wear and tear on your A/C and heating. Our attic insulation service helps your home stand up to heat and cold, lowering your energy costs. It can be installed on top of existing insulation or on its own. It could also qualify you for eligible state tax credits or possible utility company rebates.

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    Benefits of Terminix attic insulation

    Terminix attic insulation is made from 85% recycled materials and is ENERGY STAR certified, flame retardant and able to reduce noise.

Do you live in CA? Learn about our California Insulation Service.

Is your attic protecting your home?

How attic insulation service works:

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    Initial Visit

    A Terminix specialist will conduct a free insulation inspection.

  • Process

    Terminix attic insulation service will fill gaps in deteriorating insulation by installing an efficient cellulose insulation on top of your existing insulation or directly between attic joists.

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